Raci Travel

Raci Travel, a travel agency based in Lucerne, Switzerland. They specialize in flights from Switzerland and Germany to Pristina, Skopje, and Ohrid.

Address: Hallwilerweg 14, 6003 Luzern, Switzerland Phone:  +41 41 211 21 31

How to Book through Raci Travel? Their website offers a booking platform for flights. You can check for availability, choose your flights, and complete the purchase process directly. 

How to Book through Raci Travel? The website allows bookings up to 12 hours before departure for flights with electronic tickets, and up to 2 hours before departure for others (depending on the airline and departure airport).

By Phone: For last-minute bookings or if you have any questions or require help with the booking process, you can contact their call center at +41 41 211 21 31.

Is Raci Travel right for you? If you're looking for flights to Kosovo from Switzerland or Germany, particularly if you have family ties there, Raci Travel could be a good option.

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