Flights Disruption: 16 Flights Delayed Due To Protests & Road Closures

Flights UL 151 and UL 152 from Colombo to Karachi got canceled because of protests and road closures, especially on streets like Sharea Faisal. This made it hard for travelers to get to the airport during the day.

Because of these issues, flights to Dubai (FZ 334, 336), EK 601, PA 110,  Muscat (WY 324), Lahore (9P842), Islamabad (9P672), PF 123, ER 502, PK 308,  Lahore PA 406, Multan PK 330, Sharjah (G 9547), Jeddah (PK 731), Peshawar (EK 554), Kuala Lumpur (OD 136) left later than scheduled.