Top 10 Destinations to Visit in April 2024

1) Sri-Lanka

April is one of the best times to explore Sri Lanka. You can explore the elephant sanctuaries, climb historical monuments or hike in the cool highlands,

2) Jordan

April offers pleasant weather for exploring Jordan's Roman ruins, mosaic art, historic sites, and natural wonders like the Dead Sea.

3) Morocco

Spring is a fantastic time to visit Morocco's exotic cities like Marrakesh, experience the culture, and explore the desert landscapes.

4) Turkey's Turquoise Coast

The weather is warm but not too hot in April, making it a great time to visit the beaches and coastal resorts of Turkey's Turquoise Coast.

5) Netherlands

April is a great time to visit the Netherlands to see the beautiful spring flowers in bloom, particularly the tulips.

6) San Antonio, Texas

April is a shoulder season in San Antonio, with pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

7) New Orleans, Louisiana

April is a popular time to visit New Orleans, especially around the festive time of Jazz Fest.

8) Islands of Seychelles

April is the calm season between the Seychelles' annual trade winds, making it a great time for a relaxing beach vacation.

9) Kauai, Hawaii

April is a shoulder season on Kauai, offering good weather and a chance to avoid peak crowds.

10) Arches National Park, Utah

April is a great time to visit Arches National Park with comfortable temperatures for hiking.

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