Cheapest Spring Break Destinations for College Students in the US

Here are some of the cheapest spring break destinations for college students in the US:

This classic spring break destination offers a variety of affordable accommodation options, from hostels and campgrounds to budget-friendly hotels. There are also plenty of free or cheap activities to enjoy, such as swimming on the beach, playing volleyball, and attending outdoor concerts.

Panama City Beach, Florida

There are a number of amusement parks and arcades in the area, which can be a fun way to spend a day. Keep in mind that Daytona can get crowded and a bit pricey during peak spring break weeks.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Myrtle Beach is a great option for college students looking for a spring break vacation that combines beach time with some city activities. There are plenty of affordable hotels and resorts in Myrtle Beach, as well as a variety of restaurants, shops, and attractions.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This barrier island off the coast of Texas is a popular spring break destination for college students from the Midwest and South. South Padre Island offers beautiful beaches, as well as opportunities for surfing, fishing, and kayaking.

South Padre Island, Texas

New Orleans is famous for its French Quarter, its delicious food, and its lively music scene. There are also a number of historical attractions in New Orleans, such as the St. Louis Cathedral and the French Market.

New Orleans, Louisiana